NHL Tests Potential New Rules at Research and Development Camp

National Hockey League

The NHL has begun testing potential new rules during the research and development camp at the MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence. Up to 21 potential new rule changes are being tried out, including a new, much wanted, icing rule, called hybrid icing.

With hybrid icing, the risk of major injury is reduced significantly, if not gone.

Hybrid icing is a mix of no-touch and touch icing. When the defending player reaches the faceoff dot before the attacking player, the linesman will blow his whistle.

Lately, the debate about icing has become almost as popular as Tomas Kaberle trade rumors. From staying with touch icing, to making the game less entertaining with no-touch icing, it looks like the NHL may have found the median.

Here is a list of all potential new rules being tested during the National Hockey League research and development camp:

  1. Hybrid icing rule;
  2. No line change for team committing an offside;
  3. Crease reset rule;
  4. Face-off variation (face-off controlled by whistle in place of traditional puck drop);
  5. Overtime: three minutes of 4-on-4; three minutes of 3-on-3; three minutes of 2-on- 2 followed by shootout (5 players per team).
  6. Bigger crease;
  7. Verification goal line (additional line situated behind the goal line);
  8. Wider blue lines;
  9. Line changes zone in front of each bench;
  10. Face-off variations (infringement results in the offending player moving back further, three face-off dots down the middle of the ice);
  11. OT – three minutes of 4-on-4; three minutes of 3-on-3; three minutes of 2-on-2 with long line changes; followed by three shooters per team shootout (if tied after three shots then players who have shot previously can shoot again).
  12. No touch icing;
  13. Team that commits an offside infraction cannot make a line change and face-off is in offending team zone;
  14. Face-off variation: after a face-off violation, opposition center may choose his face-off opponent;
  15. Second referee located off the playing surface;
  16. Delayed penalty rule;
  17. No icing the puck while shorthanded;
  18. OT – 4-on-4 (with long line change) followed by a shootout with five players;
  19. Variations of special teams play;
  20. OT – 4-on-4 (with long line change).

The teams that competed on the ice with the above rules are almost completely made up of Canadian Hockey League players, meaning many NHL general managers, coaches and even scouts attended the tw0-day event, including Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke and Senators general manager Brian Murray.

The two-day hockey camp wraps up on Thursday, August 19th in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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Information from NHL.com was used in this post.